It appears teens who have nothing better to do decided to play a new “game” shown that spread thanks to Youtube. It’s called the Knockout Game and it can end with bad consequences. The game is played by randomly selecting a person and then assaulting them. This is usually done out of boredom and apparently kids can get away with it. In the past incidents involving this game have caused the death of the victims and in a state where concealed carry permits are allowed, the perpetrator ended up getting shot. So here are things to keep in mind about why this “game” shouldn’t be played.

1. It can lead to serious injury and death- Hitting a person that is sensitive to trauma can cause serious trauma. This is not a harmless prank. I don’t need to expand there.

2. It is a felony- Randomly assaulting a person is against the law and there could be serious punitive consequences. In fact a conviction can lead to a year in prison and more if serious bodily harm or death is caused from the incident. In other words, a harmless prank can be the reason a teen can have a criminal record.

3. You never know who you are dealing with-Sometimes the random person picked for the knockout game could be the last person you want to deal with. Sometimes the person being attacked can be a batshit crazy person who will beat a kid to near death over this stunt.  You could be dealing with a professional fighter (MMA, boxing, martial arts) who will unleash unholy hell of a beating, an off duty law enforcement officer who will bust you, a person with anger issues who needs that one thing to make them snap, or someone who has a concealed carry permit who will pull out and use their firearm in self defense. In a state where concealed carries are easily accessible, a teen playing the knock out game got shot when he attacked someone with a concealed weapon.

So for those stupid teenagers considering a rousing round of the “Knockout Game” prepare to deal with consequences of jail time or taking a beating by person you shouldn’t have played with. The best thing of all is not to play period…