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So with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, hanukah being tonight, and Christmas right behind everyone is getting into the festive spirit. You start thinking about gift giving, merry making, and doing all the special things that make it the most jolly time of the year. However for some people the holiday season is the time to show how much more of assholes can they be. With that I give my holiday naughty list. Santa, you can drop an extra large piece of coal for these people (preferably on their heads[with full force]).

1. Evangelicals who are preaching “Convert or burn in hell”- While I know Jesus would love the birthday gift of more Christian converts; I doubt he would want them joining out of fear. God is to be fear, not loved. Let’s face it, at a time where everyone is supposed to be making merry; no one wants a Debbie Downer. Evangelicals, first brick of coal is aimed at you

2. House Republicans- Nothing like getting into the holiday spirit than by starving and shaking down the needy while giving your corporate crony capitalist buddies more subsidies. House Republicans are providing how much of Grinches they are by doing just that. More needy families are being starved more and more while being left out in the cold. Amongst them are our veterans who put their lives on the line. The ironic thing The GOP and their Tea Party fun friends are supposed to be the good Christian Party. With their version Christianity who needs Satan? Please let in rain Coal bricks on the Teepublican heads…

3. McDonalds- While I have issues with all the fast food giants paying substandard wages, I have to hand it to McDonalds for their blatant disregard for their employee needs. Rather than spend money to pay fair wages, they put up a site that pretty much says in a nutshell: Quit bitching about being underpaid and accept the fact you will be our dirt poor wage slaves. When they suggest to employees to eat less and sell Christmas gifts on eBay to get more funds, it shows they have no human compassion whatsoever. Here’s a McCoal served to your face Ronald!!!

4. Retailers opening up on midnight for Black Friday- What’s a better way to show thanks for what you have than to open stores on midnight of Black Friday? The fact that workers have to cut spending time with their families to start work on midnight of the next day is sickening. Once again this is dehumanizing the worker as a profit making machine. Even worse are the idiots who facilitate thisby coming to malls at midnight. How about we show each other some holiday decency.

5. Walmart- If you add pre Christmas ghosts visit Scrooge, added the Grinch, and put into a corporate retailer: You’d get Walmart. Not only do they pay such low wages that their workers are on public assistance, and the company holds a food drive for them; they get ready extra early from Black Friday by making their workers have to come during Thanksgiving to open the store at 6PM.This is just insult to injury. Walmart is about as inhumane as the USSR under Stalin regime. What’s next, employees working on Christmas? Can this company get any more sickening? I’m proud boycott such a filth bag of a company. I hope Walmart goes bankrupt and broke because they have no humanity and only value profits.

There you have it my Scrooges and Grinches that only deserve coal crushing their heads. To everyone else: Happy whateveritisyoucelebrate (whatever-it-is-you-celebrate)!!!!!