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It’s been a while since I blogged. But during this time I did some serious soul searching and realized I despise the Democratic Party about as much as I cannot stand Republicans. So this is the last time I’ll post about politics for a while. Although I see myself a progressive that swings more left than right, there are there are a lot of things that frustrates me about Democrats. Now before every liberal Democrat picks up the pitch forks and lights the torches and calls for me to be hung from a tree, hear me out. I’m not saying I supporting the other side of the spectrum (the far right), I’m saying the Democrats are no different than Republicans, in that both a puppets for corporate oligarchs. One is controlled by a right hand, the other from the lift. And now here are my grievances against the so called progressive Democrats and why American politics sicken me.

1. Democrats are soft on Wall St- When the most people pointed their fingers at Wall St as the reason for the 2008 economic crisis, Democratic law makers did little to put proper safe guards that would prevent another crisis. In fact the bailouts were a little more than a reward for banks and financial institutions to continue what they are doing. When HSBC was busted for money laundering for Mexican drug cartel, the Department of Justice only let them off with a slap on the wrist (using the too big to fail excuse). Isn’t this the party that’s support defend us from corporate oligarchs? The reality is that Democratic campaigns are funded by Wall St as much much as Republican campaigns are. Why would Democrats turn against their financiers.

2. Both parties are against any political reform that gives third parties a fair shot at elections- Democrats and Republicans have one thing in common: they want to keep the political game a two party system. Each party wants campaigns to be as easy as possible. Independent voters are difficult as is, so of course they want voters who are farther on a political spectrum in their fold. The more mainstream liberal and conservative parties, the tougher campaigns get. The solution is simple: use their finances to  keep third parties suppressed. Both parties are major corporations with the money to suppress third parties. Not to mention any national debates are organized by both Republicans and Democrats rather than an independent organizations so that they can keep third parties out. At one point organizations like The League of Women voters organized all debates but welcome all parties and this made elections tougher for the bigger parties. The solution was to cut deals with the major news media and keep the debate between Democrats and Republicans. Therefore they create an illusion between choice A and choice B.

3. The compromises Democrats make go against the constituents who voted for them on the issues they make compromises on- When Harry Reid had a chance to pass filibuster reform, he instead cut a deal with Republicans. This is just one example of where Democrats constantly compromise their values. Giving up a public option in Obamacare is another one. This is sickening, considering compared to their conservative counterparts Democrats rarely stand their ground. Come on!!!! As a voter I want a politician with some intestinal fortitude and not a total spineless worm.

4. Democrats somehow always manage to alienate veterans by making broad stereotypical remarks- I get some Democrats are former hippies and are anti-war, however alienating veterans is not the way to win them over. Calling us dangerous because of PTS (Nancy Pelosi), inferring we’re uneducated or dumb ( Secretary of State John Kerry who is a veteran) is not the way to win our support. While I applaud the Democratic lawmakers for supporting any legislation or proposed spending that assists veterans in need, I am annoyed when others make idiotic remarks that insult us.

5. Both Democrats and Republicans fail to address the issues of why mass shootings happen and play politics with the issue- When high profile mass shootings happen Democrats and Republicans make a political spectacle of the tragedy and once the smoke clears nothing happens. Democrats and liberals who have are gun-a-phobes are quick to blame easy access to guns as the problem. Meanwhile Republicans and ultra Conservatives clutch their guns fear monger that the government with be knocking on their door to take away all privately owned fire arms. Both fail to address the concern that the reason shootings happen is because there is no sensible gun control that keeps fire arms out the wrong people’s hands. They fail address that individuals who commit these acts are usually mentally unstable. There are no psychological exams when applying for a fire arms ownership license and very few states have background checks as a requirement for purchase of a firearm. The point is both parties make a lot of noise about the issue of mass shootings but do very little to fix the problem.

6. Democrats are about as much of corporate tools as Republicans are (they just won’t admit it)- Ever wonder why comprehensive a minimum wage increase wasn’t passed? Ever wonder why companies can ship manufacturing jobs overseas and Democrats don’t so much as pass a protective tariff since those goods are made in China? What about supporting NAFTA? Keystone Pipeline? Corporations and the top 3% pay pennies on the dollar in taxes while average Americans pay dollars and dollars? The point is Democrats and Republicans don’t pass the first two and support the rest is because of corporate interests. Oh sure Democrats talk tough and say how they support the average Joe and want to help grow the middle class. The reality is Democrats will support all the things they talk about as long as their Corporate Masters will allow it. In fact Democrats and Republicans alike are wined and dined by the same people. The only difference is Democrats use rhetoric to attract the progressives and minorities of the Northeast, Northwest  and any other Democrat heavy or possible swing states. Meanwhile Republicans use the their rhetoric to lure mostly white, bible hugging, NRA supporting, gay and minority hating conservatives. Both play to different crowds but answer to the same masters.

As a voter I feel I’m stuck choosing between the lesser of evils but I feel there is no real good choice. I feel it’s best to stay informed and if anything pick the third party candidates. In my home state New York, I’m sure 90% of the time a Democrat will take the electoral votes in the Presidential Election. I’m concerned about local elections since I feel my vote has greater impact. As for Federal politics, it’s a fool’s game since big money lobbyists win anyway. At this point I rather worry about geekish entrainment like comic books, comic book movies and TV, Magic the Gathering, scifi, fantasy, etc…or any randomness for that matter (but veteran issues will be my pet cause since I’m a veteran). I’ll live my life knowing that politics suck and read the occasional headline. Let the political nerds worry about the other BS.