Ok, I know I haven’t written anything in ages. But life gets in the way and at times it can be difficult to find a reason to blog. I will try and do this more as a way to release stress. But I’ll get onto to the topic of the day.

While many people don’t realize it, birds can be very affectionate pets. Like Dogs and cats they have their own way of showing love and attachment to their human owner. There several things to consider and understand about a feathered companion.

1. Birds don’t attach themselves to humans like dogs do-Domestic dogs are instinctively are bred to people friendly. This comes from ages of selective breeding to obtain desirable qualities which explains why we so many different breeds of dogs with different personalities and appearance (same can be said with all domestic animals). However parrot like birds still retain the instincts of their wild counterparts (since they have a much of a genetic difference than their cousins in the wild). If a bird is raised from birth and a young age without a great deal of human interaction, they will not be hand friendly pets. However if a bird is raised from a young age with a lot of human interaction, they will become very attached to their human owner. This why I prefer to get a bird from an aviary, a breeder, or any store that specializes in hand reared birds.

2. Birds can very affectionate creatures Once a bird bonds and gets attached to their owner they have a way of showing their love for you. My cockatiel will rub her head against my cheek, lower her head to expose her head for a neck rub, nipping to give a “birdie kiss” and occasionally try to regurgitate food into my mouth. The fact that a bird lets you handle them is proof they trust you.

3. They are emotional creatures Many people don’t understand bird behavior because birds aren’t as common of pets as cats and dogs. Every understand a dog that wags its tail or a cat that purrs is in a happy mood. Birds have a way to showing this same emotions. When I’m out of the room my cockatiels will vocalize very loudly as a way of saying, “hey I miss you, come give me some love”. When she has her neck rubbed, her eyes are closed and she makes chirps indicating that she’s in a happy mood. Different birds have a different way of showing their moods since it’s important to make sure you do some reading on the emotional displays of a feathered companion.

4. There so many varieties and personalities Different bird species have different personalities and different needs. A bigger bird like an African Grey or a cockatoo has a lot more needs and may not be the best pet bird for someone who never been around pet birds. Cockatiels and parakeets are simpler to manage and still can be great pets. At the end of they day it all depends on the person. It’s important to do the research and understand that birds like any other pets require commitment and have their own needs.

From my personal experience, my cockatiel is an awesome pet. I find bird ownership to be unique and enjoyable experience. Bird owners are a happy bunch and we find that our feathered companions are lovable members of our family. My little Kora (my cockatiel’s name) has a huge personality in a small body. But it’s that unconditional she shows that can get me through after a bad day.

Kora and I